Our axe throwing league will start on Sunday August 25th! Our league will be held every Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 430pm for the following 8 weeks.

Registration for the league is $20 per person.  All money collected from registration will be awarded to league winners.  The weekly price to throw will only be $12.50 per person (this will not be added to the pay outs).

Register now by visiting the link below

Pay out:

1st place: 50% of league dues and a free pass for up to 10 people.

2nd place: 30% of league dues

3rd place: 20% of league dues

League Set Up:

Our league will be composed of teams of two people and each team will play two other teams per night.  You must enter the league with a team mate, one will NOT be provided for you.  Teams will compete until one team wins 2 out of  3 games.  A complete list of league rules will be given to each team at the start of week 1.

Game Rules:

Each player will throw 10 times per game trying to accumulate the point total possible. The highest combined team score at the end wins the game.  If a winner cannot be decided at the end of 3 games the teams will throw at our spear lane for a tie breaker. A complete list of game rules will be provided to each team at the start of week 1.

To register for the league all you need to do is pay your registration fee and provide your name and email address. We will take care of the rest!

Visit the link to register for league.