Our facilities offer more than just axe throwing, we offer an experience. Not only to we feature axes, we also have knives, throwing stars, and tomahawks. 

Visit our medieval themed photo area and take a picture with our full size knight and his authentic steel suit of armor and choose between our many props to have fun with.  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to feature you on our page or even our website!

Our spear lane is one of a kind.  Throw our boar spear, samburu spear, tactical shovel, Assegai long shaft spear, and more… on our custom lane for no extra charge.

We also offer complimentary snacks.  We have a popcorn machine that makes fresh popcorn during every session.

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Check out our facility below!

AxeHole Facility
Axe Throwing Lanes
Spear Throwing Lane
Axe Lane
AxeHole Building
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